Indian Traditional Dolls

Indian Traditional dolls are world famous due to its nature and the way it is done. Indian dolls vary from state to state and city to city. There are many cities named after the dolls. There is no limit for human’s imagination, yes Indians are well known for their imaginations and crafting what they thought in mind. Various sizes and shapes of dolls are made with clay, stone, wood, cloths, leather and furs. The native Indians made dolls from many things not restricted to the things mentioned in my previous line. Dolls are very much linked to our civilization. Ancient people crafted dolls to make their kids to play with it. This tradition is following all over the world till now. Only the materials used to manufacture doll has changed centuries to century. However, there is a good market demand for traditional dolls, as it debits our culture and makes the next generation to propagate our ancient history and the engineering concepts. These dolls makes us to wonder how these concepts were identified on those days and come up with innovative dolls.

Navarathri Festival

There is one occasion where entire world celebrates with dolls that is Dusshuraa (A) Navarathri festival. This festival is celebrated in Asia in the name of mother goddess (Mataa /Amman). This festival celebrated for 9 days. This festival is divided into 3 parts, first 3 days are meant for

Types of Dolls

Thanjavur Dancing dolls

Clay dolls

Paper Mache dolls

Channapatna dolls

Handmade dolls

Kondapalli dolls


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